Snow’s Face When Mentioning Fasting

The boys and Sasja fast once a week the day after they have a larger meal. Fasting means they just don’t eat for the whole day. 🤭


Fasting your dog once a week has some really great benefits that we believe in.

“If your dog is constantly digesting food, the immune system does not have the time or resources to stay in peak form. Regular fasting can help the immune system detoxify years of toxic build-up and restore normal homeostatic balance.” –Dog’s Naturally Magazine

It’s hard on me, the guilt is REAL, but I feed Sasja so much the day before it helps and she gets lots of her Sasja Snacks the next day too!

Benefits include:

Elevated Macrophage Activity

Increased Immunoglobulin


Increased Neutrophil


Enhanced Natural Killer Cell

Heightened Monocyte Killing

and Bacterial Function

Here’s an article that can explain all of that:


Why Are We Doing This?

Dogs have dramatically impacted both of our lives in so many ways. Obviously, we love our dogs and want the best for them, just like every other owner out there. So, We want to open owners’ minds, by educating how to properly domesticate and develop a keener understanding of their dogs’ needs in new ways.

Owners have been directed to buying into the pet food industries poor nutritional standards with the kibble being fed to millions of dogs every day. Which is having an immense impact our dogs’ lifespan and health. When simple changes your dog’s diet to something more species appropriate can have dramatic positive changes on your dog’s well-being.

Many owners are miscommunicating and misunderstanding their best friends. Causing inbalanced relationships and behavioral issues which leads to so many dogs being re-homed, put into shelters or worse. When simple lifestyle changes, proper communication and proper training tools can fix these issues.

We want you to enjoy longevity with your dog through simple changes everyday; to help improve your dog’s health, behavior and relationship with you. We believe through proper diet and lifestyle choices we can change the lives of many. Seeing a dog thrive in health and behavior, seeing how proud an owner can be with their dog, and themselves, is WHY Lake Erie Dogs is here today!

What is Lake Erie Dogs?

You are experiencing the beginning of what we hope to be a company that stands for years to come. Lake Erie Dogs is essentially an informative place where we plan to share all things dog with you. Our mission statement explains it well, “Lake Erie Dogs aims to bring our community trustworthy, useful and applicable information for everyday life with your dog, focusing on nutrition, training, and grooming. We want to help create a stronger and healthier bond between you and your best friend.”

The canine industry is constantly changing. We have seen information that contradicts itself often so we want to test and research methods to bring you the best results. We want to best understand how to be proactive with our dogs’ health. As well as taking the role as better leaders, teaching for our dogs how to coexist in our world . We are always furthering our understanding to bring you accurate information by working and studying from the best in the pet industry. Lake Erie Dogs is where we will share our growing knowledge with owners.

In the future we hope to provide packages and programs to help you understand proper nutrition and training for your dog. We believe through proper diet and lifestyle choices we can change the lives of many. The information we will provide is not only independent research but is applied in how we live and engage with our own pack. We believe through proper diet, training and better lifestyle choices we can change the lives of many. We hope for this to become a resource for our local community, the ultimate “Lake Erie” dog blog.

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